A while ago Garofdalus expressed to me that “real music is intercepted by all those who possess the ability to capture and bring it to the people that cannot intercept it but greatly enjoy it, once it is transmitted to them.” He believes that music, as matter, is not created, but it does already exist somewhere in the universe.

When musicians perform well their job, the outcome may become a powerful tool to elevate the human soul, to inspire, to comfort, and make us happier and better people. In Garofdalus own words, “what we call music is our interpretation of something much bigger, glorious, and eternal; yet incomprehensible.”

He also believes that music has a dark side too, as most things in life do. It can be used to destroy, denigrate, enslave, and foster pernicious behaviour, as well as to numb the senses and natural intelligence of human beings.

The way we like or dislike music depends, to some extent, on the way our brains are wired. All humans perceive something different and unique. The kind of music Garofdalus likes is the type that is captured by those who make an intellectual and spiritual effort to make themselves available to intercept it. In Garofdalus’ opinion, there are many who have succeeded in doing so, and those musicians have greatly inspired him throughout his entire life.

Whether it is by his music or his writings about distant lands and noble characters, Garofdalus shares what inspires and elevates him, hoping to inspire and elevate others.

I invite you to play one of his songs, or open one of his books and let your soul imbibe this ‘eternal matter’ he is capturing for you.


Andrea Pasolini

Note: In the past Garofdalus has used the pseudonyms Il Garofalo II and Ale Garofalo to publish both literature and music. He was also one of the founders of a music band called Lúcuma.

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